Welcome to the Corliss Garden Club!
A virtual, online garden club... with local connections!

Are You in the Zone? Join this Zone 5 New England gardener, as I develop an information-rich website, in which pressing concerns will be addressed and your garden questions answered. Be patient, as I'm still learning this new platform!

My bona fides? Fifty years before the mast...well, behind a spade, garden center counter, manual typewriter pounding out a weekly column, computer keyboard producing articles & garden center newsletters (one must move with the times), local radio mics, behind many a garden club lectern, in front of too many evening college classes to recall, in front of many Saturday Sessions garden classes at Corliss and yes, even in front of local TV cameras producing my own garden show.

Full Disclosure: While I have embarked on many writing, teaching, radio and television enterprises on my own, I was affiliated with the former Thomson's Garden Center in Danvers and remain affiliated with...

Corliss Bros. Garden Center & Nursery
31 Essex Road in Ipswich, MA
(978) 356-5422

Drop by when you're in the neighborhood!

Deb Lambert,
Corliss Bros. Staff & 'GardenAuthor'
Email me at deb@corlissgardenclub.com

To access the Corliss Bros Garden Center & Nursery website, go to corlissbrothers.com ...you will find plant information, a link (click Shop Trees) to our affiliate grower Bower & Branch, social media links and store hours. Best of all? Click on the Corliss catalog icon to view the 44-page 2019 offerings!

Consider this Corliss Garden Club blog an extension of the garden center website, offering printable articles and handouts, a place to find garden classes, and a place to indulge our garden obsessions. Let's share ideas and develop this club together!

Local gardens. Local gardeners. Local challenges. Local solutions.

Keeping it Local! While I welcome input from all gardeners stewarding the earth under similar conditions, it is my intention to maintain a strong connection with local New England gardeners. The North Shore and Cape Ann areas present us with a variety of soils, sometimes challenging topography, and an ever-changing climate.