The Imidacloprid Impact Examined

Notice to Gardeners Concerned with Honeybee Decline/Colony Collapse Disorder.....

By this point in time, most gardeners are aware of the rising concern over the use of neonicinoids, in particular imidacloprid.  This fairly new class of insecticides works through the nervous system of the target pest, causing paralysis and death.  For control of borers, leaf miners, psyllid, scale, spruce gall adelgid and hemlock woolly adelgid, this systemic insecticide when used as a water-in treatment, has proven an invaluable aid in the overall control of such tenacious pests.  Unfortunately for the rising number of gardeners turning to neonicinoids ("neonics"), this class of insecticides is coming under increased suspicion by beekeepers and concerned gardeners for its potential role in honeybee decline.  

According to many reliable sources and certain studies, bee colony collapse (honeybee decline) is most likely the result of a combination of factors.  Lack of genetic diversity, poor nutrition, parasitic mites, and disease, along with loss of habitat, can all be contributing factors.  Last, but certainly not least, is the use of pesticides...which is where imidacloprid comes under scrutiny.  Some studies have indicated that imidacloprid and other neonicinoids can accumulate in the nectar and pollen of plants thus treated, posing potential risk to honeybees and other pollinators.  

With a rising interest in the creation of home landscapes that are hospitable to local pollinators and that are increasingly maintained employing environmentally-sound practices, it is incumbent upon ourselves, as purveyors of garden supplies, to provide the latest information and advisories as they become available. 

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In the midst of the neonic controversy, we are walking a fine line between offering effective control for some of the toughest insects that can devastate the home landscape and striving to offer the least-aggressive, yet still effective, solutions. When discussing control options, we do not present imidacloprid as a panacea, but endeavor to inform gardeners of potential risk and possible alternative controls.  We welcome such frank and open discussion and are always ready to draw from our expanding array of safer solutions for effective insect control.