Wilt Pruf Essentials

For winter protection…

Before we start, keep your plants watered until the ground freezes… a well hydrated plant will not suffer the winter stress and dehydration that will severely affect a neglected specimen.  This is particularly true for newly plantings.



An anti-transpirant, ideal for conserving moisture within the foliage of broadleaf evergreens, such as azalea, rhododendron, mountain laurel, boxwood, and pieris.

Natural, organic & biodegradable…this anti-desiccant made from pine resin is designed to gradually slough off in layers.  It forms a protective barrier against winter winds and prevents salt spray damage, especially road salt.  

Needled evergreens do not generally require this protection.

Do NOT spray arborvitae, chamaecyparis, juniper, or hemlock.  Because their true dormancy is delayed, such application may actually cause damage (cells still filled with moisture will burst). Technically, by late fall/early winter (40-50 degree day), it’s safe to spray this group, though usually not necessary.  Consider burlap as an alternative. 

Do NOT spray any blue needled evergreen, such as blue spruce… their waxy, glaucous coloration is on the needle surface, acting as natural anti-transpirant… Wilt Pruf will remove this desirable trait and handsome color for several seasons.

DO spray thin-barked trees, when young.  A November application to trunks and branches will limit moisture loss… roses and hydrangeas also benefit from such an application, stopping significant moisture loss through their thin bark.

DO reapply during our January thaw, to any portions above the snow line, particularly important for broadleaf evergreens. This second application will get your plants through the remainder of winter, guarding against the upcoming winds of March.    

Winter Application & Rate: apply at a rate of one part Wilt Pruf to five parts water.  Choose a clear day, about 40 degrees, with at least 4 hours of drying time.  Apply to the point of runoff, covering upper and lower leaf surfaces.  (Most of the stomata, through which leaves transpire, are located on the underside of foliage.)

Always add the WILT PRUF concentrate to the water, not the reverse.  Be sure to agitate concentrate thoroughly before adding to water.  Once mixed, shake well before use.  Most sprayers, except hose-end, can be used for application…the more pressure, the more efficient the procedure.  Whether you employ a hand compression sprayer, pressurized tank sprayer, or power sprayer, be sure to thoroughly clean everything with warm water immediately after application… especially any nozzles.  If nozzles become stuck, clean with mineral spirits to dissolve the resin.


As a Transplant Aid…

Apply to foliage of deciduous plants at the rate of one part Wilt Pruf to ten parts water, a day prior to digging.  Be sure the root system is well watered a day or two beforehand.  If possible, avoid the intense heat of summer for transplanting, even with these parameters.


Protect Christmas Trees & Greens…

Apply Wilt Pruf, using the 1:10 ratio to conserve moisture, so greens stay fresh longer… allow to air dry outside.  Reminder: do not spray any “blue” greens, as color will be lost.

Christmas trees can be sprayed at the same rate… allow to dry outdoors for about four hours.. a fresh cut and adequate water will spell success and longevity through the season!  Remember to avoid spraying any blue-hued cut greens.

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