15 May
Heuchera... Perennial Pick of the Week

Perennial Pick of the Week

Heuchera species... so many new and different hybrids, so little time. As with so many other of our tried and true, favorite perennials, there are new introductions each season. New flower color and form, new leaf color or variegation, new diminutive dwarfs or imposing new specimens for the back of the border. With Coral Bells, or Heuchera, there have been annual innovations and each spring brings a "must have" new hybrid. Foliage that ranges from green and burgundy to silver variegated, chartreuse, lemon and even orange... slender stems bearing delicate bells in a wide color range, these are perfect for a moist but well-drained spot, with sun to partial shade and a neutral pH (7.0).

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