12 May
Mother's Day Project

Mother’s Day Project...

Moms and Grandmoms will have fun with the children, planning this backyard construction!

Involve the children in a fun garden project, like a sunflower house. First, plant tall-growing sunflower seeds (striped 'Mammoth' works well), in about a 5-6' diameter circle, leaving a "doorway"... choose a sunny area and work compost into the soil, first. When your circle of sunflowers is about 3-4' high, plant scarlet runner beans and 'Heavenly Blue' and ruby-colored morning glories at the base of each plant. As these vines sprout and reach for support, they'll avail themselves of the sunflower stems and continue to grow, right along with the sunflowers and lace themselves together at the top of the sunflowers... to create even more of a "roof," tie soft twine below the sunflower heads and gently pull them toward each other.

At the time you plant the vines, plant some 'Sensation' tall cosmos around the outer perimeter. Imagine the color and what a focal point you'll create. Now, just imagine the fun of hiding in this little shelter, along with the wonder of discovering what splendid visitors your children will host. Gold finches, chickadees and titmice will cling onto the sunflower heads and extract the seeds. Hummingbirds, butterflies, hummingbird moths and other pollinators will visit the vines and cosmos. Let the cosmos go to seed, as the gold finches will constantly feed on them.

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