14 May
Ode to a Mockingbird

Ode to a Mockingbird               

By Deb Lambert

Trilling your newest tune, long before dawn,

Rousing the sleeper before he would rise. 

Refine the chorus before night is gone, 

Rewrite this melody ‘neath velvet skies.  

With never a thought for recumbent man, 

A conductor whose talents are legend,  

Your songs erupting without a plan. 

Melodious joy the coinage you spend.

You’re a plagiarist...the cleverest kind,  

Playing by ear all the songs of the day.   

Delving deeply into your avian mind,  

Creating a symphony from that array.    

Yet, what seems to bring you greatest pleasure,   

Your obvious joy when you mystify,   

As you obfuscate with countermeasure    

Those songbirds we strive to identify.                                                 

It’s a cardinal, a robin... maybe a jay?      

We listen carefully and think we know,                                            

Mentally catalog the songs each day,                                              

Then along you come and cause much woe.                                        

Much consternation as you start to sing.                                           

We turn to see the cardinal fly,                                                        

But it’s a mockingbird on the wing,                                                  

Making haste, as evening now draws nigh. 

But stay, please, a little longer                                                      

Before you say “goodnight.”                                                           

With notes just a little stronger,                                                    

Sharing your great delight.                                                             

And I know, without a doubt,                                                          

That you will sing before the dawn.                                                      

I will stifle an early morning shout,                                                            

Before I’ve yet had time to yawn. 

Goodnight, oh melodious one!     

Deb Lambert © 10/17/06

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